A fully object oriented 3D graphics engine using C# and the .Net platform. Axiom 3D aims to be an easy to use, flexible, extendable, and powerful engine that allows for rapid development of games and other graphical applications. By using the .Net framework as the target platform, developers can focus more on core functionality and logic, rather than dealing with the complexities of languages like C++.

The core of Axiom is a port of the very popular OGRE graphics engine, which was chosen based on its clean object-oriented design, powerful features, and flexibilty. The original port was carried out by Leedgitar, the project founder.

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Cross platform

Axiom 3D is available on Windows, UWP, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

Cross runtime

Axiom 3D runs on .NET, .NET Core and Mono.

Open source

We believe in open source and so should you. The source code for Axiom 3D is hosted on GitHub and includes everything needed to build it yourself.